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Due to dairy regulations in our state, raw milk produced on the micro scale may not be sold publicly, but may be accessed through a herdshare. A herdshare is co-ownership in a privately owned herd of dairy livestock.

By law, owners may enjoy the milk from livestock they own. But don’t worry, we make cow-ownership easy!  The great thing about a herdshare is that not everyone has to have their own cow, nor the land, time, or skills to take care of it. We can work together, and in this case, our herdshare members contract with us to manage the herd on their behalf. That means, we do all the milking, feeding, and cleaning up. You enjoy a share of the best milk on earth. 

3 Steps for Membership

Step 1: Schedule Your Farm Tour

Email us and let us know when you would like to visit the farm to learn how the herdshare works, and decide how you would like to receive your share of milk.

Schedule a Tour


Step 2:  Buy Your SHare

Purchase your share in the herd. This is a one-time purchase of $100 and gives you access to milk from the cows you own.  Billing is sent by a monthly Quicken autobill.


Step 3:  Enjoy Your Milk

Once you purchase your share, you’ll have an open invitation to visit when we are open and pick up your milk and other farmstand goodness. 

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